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Wedding invitations are a booming industry, to say the least.

The number of pieces in a bride’s wedding invitations suite has increased tremendously over the years.  There are so many different themes to stationary.  From romantic florals to lace, ribbon and watercolor, whatever the bride’s vision there is a way to capture it.  Your invite is absolutely your first impression to your guests.  Tell your story through your design, people want to know it!

Check out theses images and more on our Pinterest page, you’ll be glad you did.

Before the printing press was invented, wedding invitations were hand written and only used among the elite.  The general population would simply hire a town crier.  “If someone heard the invitation, they could attend the wedding, unless of course there was bad blood between the families.” Weddings were very open events, and headcount was not a matter of priority.

These days, it is almost taboo NOT to send Wedding invitations.  Their style is a matter of etiquette, proper formality, and exclusivity.  With the expense of weddings themselves, invites also allow couples to limit their headcount to those who mean the most.  Those invited are also held to their own rules of etiquette, with regards to how they respond and when.

Invites are the first impression of a wedding.  They basis from which the tone and theme of the event is set.  In most cases, the design of the wedding invitations are heavily considered and come at a premium price tag.  Even those hoping to save, work hard to create an invite that represents their “couples personality” and wedding vibe in the best light possible.

While invites are not our area of expertise, we are blessed to have experts at our finger tips to guide our couples’ style choices.  Last week we had the pleasure of sitting down with our resident printer Karen, of K Frank Designs to learn more about this pivotal choice, and what she does to make the wedding invitations decision simple and straight forward.

What can a bride expect to spend is there a low medium and high price point per invitation that you recommend?

We avoid pricing on a per invitation basis because it can cost the bride more that way. Experience has shown us that the best approach is to discuss budget with a bride.  We want to be realistic about her wants, needs and expectations. Since our invitations are all custom, we strive to create something that is affordable but beautiful. We’ve done invitations for under $200 for 75 invitations and then we’ve done invitations for over $600. It all depends on size, quantity, stock, number of support pieces, enclosures, envelopes ,etc.

Besides invitations what other items would you include in a bridal package or suite both before their big day at their big day and afterwards?

Pre Wedding: Save the Date, Invitation Suite (invite, rsvp card, details card, rehearsal dinner invite, matching rsvp and outer envelopes), Shower Invites, Bachelorette Party Invites. Wedding Day: Programs, Seating Charts, Place Cards, Table Numbers, Chair Signs, Menus, Venue Signage. Post Wedding: Thank You Cards, Address Stamps, Birth Announcements!

Tell us the top three out of the ordinary memorable pieces youve done for weddings. (maybe even related to favors for other wedding swag/decor).

It’s hard to say because we really enjoy what we do and we love how everything turns out. A few that come to mind: An invitation we did for a couple that was very different with artwork of their dachsund (their baby) including paw prints, wine and bourbon stains. We did some really cute cookie bags that had the couple’s art imprinted with the saying “A Sweet End to a New Beginning!” They were filled with warm cookies at the end of the reception. Another favorite was the wedding program that was a booklet based on “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.”  Instead this couple did “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Wedding.” It’s wonderful to see the bride and groom’s vision produced in fun and beautiful ways.

Is there a typical timeline from start to finish for invitations to be completed?

Invitations should be in guest hands 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding, or mailed 7-9 weeks prior. It’s never to early to start the design and proofing process. We need around 10 days for production, but like to give the process a couple of weeks prior to that to pull the design together. So it’s best to start around 3 months prior to the wedding date. But, we have done invitations in as little as 10 days for out last minute brides!

How should a bride prepare for a meeting with you?

Bride’s are always prepared to some extent. They usually know what their colors will be and have a pretty good idea of the look they’re going for or a theme. Regardless of whether a bride knows exactly what she wants or has no idea, we always begin with a face-to-face meeting and get to know them a little. We ask lots of questions, which usually leads to more questions! But, that’s what helps everything to go smoothly.

What would you like a bride to bring with her to that meeting?

Anything that they’ve collected to that point that will give us some insight into their wants. If they are keeping a binder we want to see it as well as sharing their Pinterest boards.

What are three trends in your world right now?

We never seem to have 2 brides that want exactly the same things, but we do notice some similar trends. Watercolor florals are really popular paired with handwritten calligraphy fonts for an elegant, but not necessarily traditional, look. Foil and glitter accents are also popular. Foil accents on the invitation or a glitter envelope liner add that extra something special a lot of brides are seeking. As far as colors go, we are getting requests for blush tones, burgundy, and gold or rose gold accents – a beautiful combination, especially for fall and winter weddings!

Advice on the do Nots of wedding print?

The only do not is, “Do not wait too long to order your invitations.” It’s the first impression people have of your wedding. Be sure you give yourself and us enough time to produce them beautifully.

Lastly, anything you’d like to add specific to your business?

We continue to grow and change within our industry, finding new and interesting ways to produce outstanding products. The changes are what makes it fun for us. (No ruts here!) Whether it be business or special occasion, we take great pride in our work.

Thank you Karen, we appreciate you to the moon and back!! Learn More…


Wedding Invitations Text


Wedding Invitations Stamp


Floral and Stripes Wedding Invitations



Wedding Invitations Purple Lace


Wedding Invitations Suite

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