Bridesmaid Proposals: Asking with Affection

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When I got engaged, I selected my ladies with very unique bridesmaid proposals.

One of my gals was “bachelor obsessed” so she got a rose (of course).  Another received a custom designed event flyer.  She was my “fashion show” partner in crime so this was the ONLY way to go.  Bridesmaid proposals are becoming more and more common.  There are websites filled with the cutest of ideas.  We were recently asked to share our opinions on the topic, so we have searched high and low to bring these suggestions directly to you.

Sure, you could just “ask”.  But what would be the fun in that?  Imagine if while sitting on the couch one evening, your boyfriend turned to you and casually uttered, “Babe, will you marry me?”  You would most likely say yes, but inside you would be more than disappointed by the anti-climactic approach.  Taking your time to show your best girls how much they mean to you will be 100% worth the time spent.

Proposal Party of 5

Your bridesmaid proposals may be done individually, or in a group setting where all of your galls get matching gifts.  Either way, we suggest having fun and showering them with creativity.  Not much of a DIY-er?  Don’t fret.  There are lots of retailers dedicated to the “DIY” look.  Check out these “perfect for summer” floral and gold Personalized Gift Boxes from as an example.  “Each pretty white & gold box is personalized with a custom name in gold vinyl script.”  Too cute.

Were you truly “surprised” when the big question was popped?  Some of your maids might already expect bridesmaid proposals, but it doesn’t mean they won’t love the surprise.  We read some absolutely divine ideas for sneaking the question into a casual outing.  How about grabbing a coffee, and letting the question pop itself at the bottom of the cup?  Or, give your galls a custom designed puzzle, with a sweet proposal message written on it! Skip over to the Oh Best Day Ever website for more noteworthy ideas on sealing the deal with your bestie.

Straight from the Bun of the Bride

Are you the party girl of the group?  Or the baker of the bunch?  Maybe you’re primped and pampered 24/7, or sports rule your world.  Your galls love you for YOU.  Bridesmaid proposals soaked in your own personality are also great ways to “toast” your friendship.  KennedyBlue’s ultimate list is filled with ideas for indulgent ways to crown your queens.  From beer mugs to bubbly, they have creativity covered.

Do you need some professional guidance?  Wedding vendors, such as those we know and love here at the Ashley Castle, can be BIG TIME helpers.  From Bakers, to Printers, Makeup Artists and more – we have the talent to make your bridesmaid proposals fabulously memorable.

Does bestie have the budget?

Being a bridesmaid is an honor, and a responsibility.  Your experience as the leader of the pack will no doubt be filled  with laughter, hugs and tears of joy, but there are also real life tasks that must be delegated – and accepted.  While your kid sister may be your “dream of a maid”, she may not have the resources to adequately help you, let alone your bride tribe.  Glamour magazine wrote an article that describes the job of a bridesmaid.  We couldn’t agree more.  Be conscientious of who you ask and what you ask of them.

Let’s face it.  Weddings can be pricey for you and your bridal party.  From showers with frills to a killer bachelorette, curbing costs (and managing the unavoidable ones) keeps the planning fun.  If necessary, A wedding loan can be a great option to help alleviate some of those financial must haves.  Earnest financial, for example, has helped numerous couples and their tribes fund their way to the big day.

From all of us here at The Ashley Castle, we wish you the best of luck in your search for your “gold metal galls”.  Cheers!





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