Wedding Colors: Flowers and Palettes

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Wedding colors usually start with a favorite.  It’s the hue you’ve worn since kindergarten.  The shade that brings out your eyes.  The classy, sophisticated and memorable look you cannot live without.  These decisions seem simple and straightforward.  But, as the Knot exemplifies, color choice is the #1 decision during wedding planning that says a lot more about you than you may realize.  So choose your statement with care.  And perhaps a bit of professional guidance as well.

Wedding colors set the tone for your whole night.

From a psychological standpoint, colors vibrate frequencies much beyond the visual eye.  Choosing red for example indicates that you are, by nature, an action oriented person with a deep need for physical fulfillment.  As someone who prefers to experience life through the five senses, your wedding will most likely be filled with music, dancing, good food and a great visual experience for everyone.

If silver is the stand out in your wedding color theme, you probably have a modern and dignified, yet somewhat glamorous, outlook on life.  This understated air of sophistication and class will be reflected in your wedding ceremony, and will create a mood of elegance and femininity during your reception.

According to FTD, incorporating warmer colors in your floral arrangement will encourage strong, positive emotions, while cool colors will create a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.  Opting for purple says that you are unique and independent.  Known for representing luxury and charm, purple is the perfect color to make a bold ‘big day’ statement.

Favors, signs, accessories – oh my!

According to Elegant Wedding Invites, wedding colors are only the beginning of a true theme.  Centerpiece holders, interior decor, and lighting, combined with your color palette will turn your venue into the magical night you will remember forever.  Floral shapes and patterns can also be incorporated into your decor in the form of welcome signage or place card holders.

A Practical Wedding describes this “setting of the stage” in their article, 10 Fresh & Hip Wedding Color Combos.  They suggest that when using vibrant color palettes, “details can be kept minimal—think simple vases, smaller bouquets, a few bright cake flowers. Light and bright […] pairs perfectly with graphic black and white elements, like stripes, in wardrobe, table top, signs, or invitations.”

When it comes to flowers, the world of color palettes is not always a free-for-all.

With a florist in house, we knew just where to go for the ‘whys’ behind the ‘whats’ with flowers and palettes.  While mainstream markets provide locals with access to growers worldwide, she advised sticking with the season if at all possible.  Fields are planted according to the demand from the broader market.  Not sure what this means?  Take a trip down to the local grocery store and you will see ‘spring’, ‘summer’ or ‘fall’.  Even winter has it’s crop.  Staying within the season will certainly help your budget.  It will also allow you to get the most mature (full) version of the flowers you want.

Fad or Fashion?  Try to imagine what your ‘much older’ self would think.  Have you chosen a timeless look?  Capture the magic that will take you forward through your lifetime.  While neons and pastels were hot in the 80s, ‘dated’ is a gentle way to describe these palettes now.  On the flip side, cascading bouquets were all the rage, and have recently made a comeback.  Think once, think twice, then go for it.

Highlights, lowlights, and everything in between.

Most brides know their ‘color’, but did you know that typical wedding palettes are actually composed of 3-4 tones?  While purple may be your be-all end-all, monochromatic color schemes, especially with flowers (one color / shade) limit the look of movement.  Incorporating filler flowers or greens as seen on our Instagram, adds background and allows those perfect purples to truly pop.  Larger flowers, such as hydrangeas, in centerpieces also add dynamic contrast.  What statement are you trying to make?  Think of it like a painting.  The base color is only the beginning to the masterpiece finish.

Photoshopped Reality.  When picking a color “like blue” recognize that this color may be great for your linens but complimentary colors may be more realistic for flowers.  Be willing to expand your palette.  The closer to nature you get, the more stunning your arrangements will be.  It is also important to know your budget.  Allow your florist to work in your world, rather than creating a world that is altogether not where you can afford to live.

For more inspiration on all of your wedding colors, flowers and decor visit us on Facebook!  Still unsure which way to go?  Call our coordinators and let them be your tour guide through the palace of palettes.  Happy Planning!

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