Wedding Colors: Flowers and Palettes

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Wedding colors usually start with a favorite.  It’s the hue you’ve worn since kindergarten.  The shade that brings out your eyes.  The classy, sophisticated and memorable look you cannot live without.  These decisions seem simple and straightforward.  But, as the Knot exemplifies, color choice is the #1 decision during wedding planning that says a lot more about […]

Bridesmaid Proposals: Asking with Affection

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When I got engaged, I selected my ladies with very unique bridesmaid proposals. One of my gals was “bachelor obsessed” so she got a rose (of course).  Another received a custom designed event flyer.  She was my “fashion show” partner in crime so this was the ONLY way to go.  Bridesmaid proposals are becoming more and […]

Unique Wedding Personality Revealed

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Where is the YOU in your wedding? Most “western” weddings have a very standard template.  Ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, couples’ exit.  Done.  But within these walls is a story all it’s own.  Out of 7.4 billion people in the world, these two have found each other.  Like a diamond in the ruff, their eyes, […]

Wedding Gifts: Advice from Castle Experts

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We’ve all heard the old adage, “give a person what they would not give themselves.”  In most cases I agree, but not necessarily for wedding gifts. The best wedding gifts are those that show you really know the couple and the life they lead today.  So what exactly does that mean? While on the hunt […]

Wedding Dresses: A History of Fairytales

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Wedding dresses are much more than the ultimate fashion statement. They are a symbol of a timeless tradition that goes back for centuries.  Choosing the right dress these days is usually a personal preference, save for the occasional religious stipulation.  Additionally, the decision usually involves the intimate counsel of a bride’s best friends rather than […]

3 Things Guests Go Crazy for at Weddings

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It is said the ceremony is for the couple, while the reception is for their guests – and if you want your guests to remember your wedding with a large smile on their faces, you will surely have to pay attention to the details that make them happy. What are the things people really love […]

3 Wedding Day Lucky Charms

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Even if you are not superstitious, you will still want all the good luck for the marriage you are starting. Thus, bringing along some lucky charms may be something that goes through your mind. What are some of the most popular ones? We have gathered 3 wedding day lucky charms you might want to consider […]


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