Wedding Gifts: Advice from Castle Experts

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We’ve all heard the old adage, “give a person what they would not give themselves.”  In most cases I agree, but not necessarily for wedding gifts.

The best wedding gifts are those that show you really know the couple and the life they lead today.  So what exactly does that mean?

While on the hunt for the best wedding gifts of 2017, we have come across a lot of fun ideas.  We have also seen a lot of less than practical ones.  Our conclusion is that the best gifts are ones of true personal value, that are priceless, and will not fade with the season or the wash.

When I got married I loved all the appliances.  It’s what I wanted and put on our registry.  It made sense.  We had a home and the counter space for them.  Had we been planning to move or been living in a small apartment instead, these types of wedding gifts would have been incredibly impractical.

I love artsy, fun wedding gifts as well, but not dust collectors.  Always ask yourself a few qualifying questions before going on your gifting spree.  Are the bride and groom art collectors?  Does their current living space fit the look of the gift?  Are they known for extravagant decor?  If not, the item may end up looking out of place and may even end up in a closet.

Additionally, “Don’t assume that your taste in art is the same as the couple’s — one person’s Picasso is another person’s “what were you thinking?” Make sure your gift is objectively amazing. – The Knot

Why gift for one, when you can gift for two?  There is something sweet and altogether special about giving a gift that is action oriented.  Providing the couple with a bonding experience that creates memories is worth more than any object or item.

“One of our friends bought us the Tacopedia — a.k.a. an encyclopedia of taco recipes. It was funny at first, but it’s slowly become one of our most-used wedding gifts, as we love to cook and (obviously) we love tacos. Would be great paired with a tortilla press and a molcajete.” — Carly Cushnie

Why gift a single item, when you can gift a bundle?  Adding accessories completes your “thought” from start-to-finish.  Is your friend a coffee drinker on the go?  Give a Keurig as opposed to a full-blown coffee maker, and don’t forget to include keurig cups, and to-go mugs for busy mornings.

“Since being gifted [our] programmable coffee maker, I’ve never once had to wait for my coffee to brew in the morning. A true game changer. Also incredibly thoughtful: The gifter packaged it with a gift card to a roaster for beans and adorable Kate Spade initial mugs.” — Kase Wickman

Another growing trend is to fund the couple’s life, rather than giving a pre-determined gift.

From the money dance to specific requests for checks, more couples are now opting to pool gift money as well.  This is extremely helpful for young couples with tight budgets, those hoping to recoup some of their costs, as well as those wanting a little more play money for their honeymoon.

We love the tips Zola Registry suggests on their wedding planning cards and registry website (images below).  Knowing how to maneuver around the gift list, spend reasonably, and give cash when appropriate are in valuable bullets to hold onto.

Perhaps your gift should add to the festivities themselves.  Are the bride and groom leaving for the beach right after their big day?  With all the wedding planning itself, packing may be put off until the end.  Gifting a honeymoon bag filled with all the wonderful beach necessities is not only super cute, but also super helpful to the bride with an already over-flowing to-do list.

“A honeymoon bag is such a good gift. You fill a fun and bright straw beach tote or tote like this one from Mar Y Sol, with sunglasses, a circular beach towel, beach cover-ups, even lingerie. It’s a fun group gift [too]!!” — Heather Muir Maffei

Registries are a safe bet, 9 out of 10 times.

Registries were designed to filter out “bad gifts” and provide couples with the ability to hand pick what they really need.  Sticking to the registry is an easy route, but it is unlikely that the “diamond in the ruff” will be found on the shelves at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond.  These stores are great one-stop shops, but are limited on uniqueness.  Take your time to buy your gift.  Purchase something fun while on a trip or go to a specialty store to ensure your gift is “one of a kind”!

Laughter is another way to spice up wedding gifts, but there are limits.  In a recent article, The Knot lists half a dozen gifts that would make better gag gifts than wedding presents.

Six George Foreman grills

A birdhouse made of license plates

A snowman lamp

A Bill Clinton pot holder

A cinnamon-scented stuffed dog

Dueling harmonicas

Remember, your gift is a reflection of you, your love for the bride and groom, and your tribute to their interests joining together as one.  Give them a gift they’ll remember, and talk fondly of for years to come.

It’s wedding time!!

For more information on availability and pricing at The Ashley Castle, please visit us at, email us at or call (480) 857 – 8030.  Looking forward to helping you plan your big day!!

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