Staying Healthy for your Winter Wedding

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Staying Healthy for your Winter Wedding means looking and feeling great from the inside out. From trying on dresses, to picking out a cake, it’s well known that there is an enormous about of preparation that goes into planning a wedding. While both brides and grooms will undoubtedly spend hours making sure they look their […]

Unique Wedding Personality Revealed

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Where is the YOU in your wedding? Most “western” weddings have a very standard template.  Ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, couples’ exit.  Done.  But within these walls is a story all it’s own.  Out of 7.4 billion people in the world, these two have found each other.  Like a diamond in the ruff, their eyes, […]

Winter Wedding 2018 Trend Report

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The winter wedding season is in full swing, and has a character all its own. Having a winter wedding?  By now you have noticed that winter themes, colors, and decor are much different from spring and summer receptions.  Whether you live in the snowy Berkshires of Boston or the Deserts of Arizona, the season absolutely […]

All Aboard, Destination Wedding!

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Whether your destination wedding is a trip for you, your guests or both, logistics go sky high when travel is added to the itinerary.  Forget gifts and outfits.  Guests attending a destination wedding need to account for travel, stay, transportation and (for women especially) a where-to for pre-wedding pampering.  Arizona is a state with bucco […]

Wedding Dresses: A History of Fairytales

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Wedding dresses are much more than the ultimate fashion statement. They are a symbol of a timeless tradition that goes back for centuries.  Choosing the right dress these days is usually a personal preference, save for the occasional religious stipulation.  Additionally, the decision usually involves the intimate counsel of a bride’s best friends rather than […]

Bridal Hair Trends You Will Absolutely Love

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As a bride-to-be, you will want to be extra-careful about all the style choices you make for the Big Day. Your dress should look impeccable, your makeup should emphasize your most beautiful natural features, and, of course, your hair should be absolutely amazing. Thankfully, 2016 has been generous with its versatile wedding trends – and […]

Bridesmaids Photos You Should Definitely Take

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Not many other people are as important to you as your bridesmaids are. These special ladies are the women you have chosen to accompany you not only down the aisle, but also throughout the wedding planning process and at the reception itself. Surely, you want them to be captured in the most beautiful ways – […]


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