Wedding Photography Captured Perfectly

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Wedding Photography depends on YOU.

You’ve found the one.  Now it’s time to find a photographer.  There are so many Wedding Photography styles to choose from: artistic, classic, dramatic, journalistic…  and so many shots to capture: the dress, the maids, the cake, the kiss.  The Knot offers a great guide for picking the right photographer and requesting the must have shots.

We recommend that brides and grooms interview their top picks – not just for style and method, but most importantly a personality match.  The perfect smiles, candid laughter, and intimate moments happen when couples feel 100% comfortable with the shooter.  Not sure what to ask when you meet?  Lin & Jirsa offer 15 questions to ask your wedding photographer during the interview.

‘Getting it all’ from your Wedding Photography has a lot to do with your role as “photography assistant” as well!  To get the insider’s peek at actively maximizing your wedding photography, we sought out the advice of our favorite team, Colling Photography.

Expect the Unexpected!

Time flies when you’re having fun so Jeff Colling and his wife Rena suggest building extra time into your day. Expect your hair and makeup to take longer than planned. Expect the unexpected! A buffer of extra time can save you from the stress that comes from running late.

Surprises are fun for everyone – except a photographer who doesn’t know what’s in store.  Photographers are adept at being everywhere and catching everything, but being “in the know” for surprises will ensure that your Wedding Photography is captured perfectly, as it unfolds.

Set the Wedding Photography Stage!

It’s the morning of the big day!  ‘Getting Ready’ photos are fabulous, so long as they are taken in a clean, uncluttered room. This can be difficult when clothes, shoes, purses, make up, and curling irons are strewned throughout. Once everyone is dressed and ready, de-clutter quickly by moving all items into a closet or other out-of-sight area.

Dreaming of a photo with those gorgeous rings tucked into your bouquet? Or maybe a detail shot of your shoes by the castle fountains? Have your garter, jewelry, bouquet, invitations etc. gathered and ready for photos when your photographer arrives.

Do you have a Pinterest board filled with your wedding phototography favs? Share what inspires you!  Let your photographer have a look to get a feel for the various poses/scenes/style that you love during your Wedding Photography consultation.

The Cast of Characters

Is your best friend from grade school flying in for your wedding? Or Aunt Martha, whom you haven’t seen in years? Make a list of VIPs who are “must haves” for photos. Also, assign a family member to round up relatives for group photos. After all, they know who everyone is!

Do you have feuding family members or any other “situations” that might arise when arranging people for photos? Let your photographer know ahead of time so that uncomfortable situations are avoided and your Wedding Photography shoot will be enjoyed by all.

First Look Taboo?  Surprisingly, the majority of wedding photographers advise couples to see and capture the ‘first look’ pre-ceremony. While this may seem faux pas, do some research, ask friends what they did, and talk to your photographer before ruling this out completely. Remember, your first look is going to be special no matter what!

Need a laughter break?  Check out these Wedding Photography bloopers from the Huffington Post…

The 101 on Wedding Photography Modeling

Do you want a priceless photo taken as you walk down the aisle? Keep your eyes off the ground, look ahead at your betrothed, smile, and (yes) leave that sweet tear in your eye.  During the ceremony, gaze into each other’s eyes (rather than the officiant’s) and at the end of the ceremony a long, lingering kiss will ensure a great photo!

Insider’s secret: use the same methods that professional models use to look good in your photos.  Do not stand straight onto the camera.  Lean on your back leg and relax the leg closest to the camera.  If it bends, bend it.  Put a little bend in your elbow or hug your spouse around their waist.  And lastly, smile with your eyes as well as your mouth.

Need a bit of Wedding Photography inspiration for your Ashley Castle reception?  Visit our Instagram Page!

Timing is everything

Curious about your wedding photography timeline? A good rule of thumb is to book around your ceremony so that the end falls an hour before dusk. If the sunset is forecasted at 6:30p, hold your ceremony from 5:00p to 5:30p. This way your will have great lighting when you say “I Do”, and an hour of golden light for photos afterwards.

Experts also recommend about 30 minutes for each photo segment. For example: 30 minutes of getting ready photos, 30 minutes with family, and 30 minutes with your bridal party. Once you have your timeline figured out, run it by your photographer before finalizing.  Also make sure to email a copy to everyone involved so that they know when and where they need to be for photos.

Lastly, live the day – enjoy what you have been looking forward to for so long!  Cheese!





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