Grooming for Grooms

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Grooming is a hot topic on the big day.  Do you ask your honey to manscape the rugged reality?  Or do you let him keep it au’ natural?  Maybe he’s already the grooming type and has his barber on the books.  Whatever the case, knowing the keys to ‘Grooming for Grooms’ will shed a much cooler light on his pre-wedding pampering.

Your pampering will take months, and so should his!

Many brides begin the pampering process months in advance.  From skin to food to exercise, women know that the biggest picture day of their lives must be taken seriously.  Grooming for Grooms is less talked about, but equally important.  Many men see grooming as a feminine chore, but it doesn’t have to be.  According to, the easiest way to transform your soon-to-be hubby is to give him what he is already used to; a coach.  Getting him a play by play from someone who understands his language is vital.

Just like most things, it’s important to take what you learn and apply it daily.  Literally.  You have the power to make the process simple, so do it.  Help him to incorporate his new routines into his 10 minute morning so it doesn’t become frustrating.  Once he starts to see the benefits of exfoliated, toned skin it’s likely that he will appreciate the persuasion and allow the “new do” to stick around for a while.

“Man”-icures are for real.

Most men would gawk over the idea of going into a salon for anything but a gift card for their lady.  That kind of pampering is way more feminine than the playbook could possibly allow, or is it?  The Knot hits it on the nail (pardon the pun!), by reminding grooms that “people will focus more on your hands (and nails) than they will during any other moment of your life.”  So take a deep breath, and push him through the door.  We promise he will not be painted red, just happy.

Back to the Basics

Grooming for Grooms doesn’t have to feel like uncharted territory 100% of the time.  Even the simplest things (that he likes to do already!) are perfect additions to the routine.  Water, sleep and a little gym time will be welcome requests after a lesson on perfectly pampered paws.

While your man may not get caught up in fancy bottles or sweet smells, logic is a fabulous key to his heart.  The New York times recently posted an article listing a variety of great gifts for the groom.  One item in particular, the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm is said to make “a big difference on dry, chapped lips, which can result from a lack of sleep, dehydration, or drinking too much of everything else.”  He’ll be happy to bust this out from his suit pocket after a night of fun, and will certainly thank you for it too.

Birds of a feather, flock together…

Our friends at Harry’s have the grooming for grooms list simplified to a tee, and even throw in suggestions for your teeth!  Whether you are trying to whiten, straighten or simply increase your upkeep, ask your dentist if they have bridal specials.  Most are happy to extend a bit of a gift to you and your beau.

The gentlemen at Harry’s even have a shaving club that directly ships to your honey’s doorstep.  Talk about a perfect kickstart compliment to his pampering overhaul.  “Engineered in [their] German factory, [the company] uses the highest quality Swedish steel” to create a blade worth waiting for.  Browse their complete selection of razors and shaving products for more groom worthy ideas!

Now you Know Grooming for Grooms

Looking for more tips and tricks to make your big day truly magical?  Come see our coordinators here at the Ashley Castle.  We would love to suggest a thing or two, for it won’t be the first time we’ve helped make a honey even sweeter. <3







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