Unique Wedding Personality Revealed

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Where is the YOU in your wedding?

Most “western” weddings have a very standard template.  Ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, couples’ exit.  Done.  But within these walls is a story all it’s own.  Out of 7.4 billion people in the world, these two have found each other.  Like a diamond in the ruff, their eyes, heads and hearts say that ‘this is the one’.  Forever.  Their bond is unique.  They know there is no one as special as their ‘one true love’.  And then the planning begins.  Time and time again, we are asked “what is the norm”, “what do most people do”, and “what is most common”?  If true love is so rare, shouldn’t the big celebration be equally memorable?  Herein lies your unique wedding personality.

We fall head over heels for personalized details.

While I am happy to provide examples from past weddings, I always remind couples that this is their wedding, and it should feel like it!  It is so much fun planning and attending weddings that reveal the ‘one of a kind’ features of a couple.  Insert goose bumps.  Having a unique wedding personality starts with picking a venue that matches you.  Our brides say they absolutely adore the idea of having a ‘regal theme’ that represents their glamorous personalities.  They melt over the grand driveway lined with heart shaped bushes and lion topped pillars.  Inspired by the castle gardens, they are excited to be a princess on their big day.

Equally, we are flooded with Disney lovers that want to feel the sweet innocence of romance that ‘takes your breath away’.  The Knot recently wrote an article on Unique Wedding Ideas “to avoid having just another cookie-cutter wedding.”  Their 1st suggestion describes a “A Luxe Reception Lounge”.  Both the antique furniture and decor within the Ashley Castle, along with the rentals brought in from places like Retro Rentals absolutely set a royal stage.  Many couples use the fairytale backdrop as a jumping off point for all of their design.  Just last weekend, we saw guests rejoicing over the unique deco Disney decor brought in by our bride and many could be heard uttering, “this is so them.”

Touch it.  See it.  Feel it.

From the moment guests walk through our castle doors, your unique wedding personality can guide their way, like breadcrumbs paving a path.  Wedding Wire recently wrote about highlighting hobbies in your decor.  Do people know you and your beau as gamers?  Having a Jenga sign in ‘book’ or a game inspired cake may be the perfect add on.  Nature lovers go wild for rock garden well wish stations.  One of our ‘travel happy’ couples plans to display a map of the world with a dish of pins to the side.  Guests will be asked to place a pin on the city where they are from.  By the end of the evening the map will be filled with pins representing all the places the couple shares roots.  Not only is this a fun, guest integrated activity, it will also be a super cute wedding memoir and decoration for the couple’s home.

Donate in Lieu of a Gift

A lot of couples simply “have it all”, and use their big day to support a cause they care deeply about. If this is more up your alley, encourage loved ones to make a donation in your honor to a nonprofit, rather than buying you a gift.  EventBrite, for example has a portal to set up a nonprofit fundraiser for guests to donate to.  You could also style your registry to be partially donation-based.  It will feel more meaningful getting your guests involved in a cause you support, rather than going home with a new toaster!

This is a subtle truth.  Whatever you love, you are.

Not all unique wedding personality features need to be obvious to guests.  If it means something to you, it is worth incorporating into your special day.  Memorials, for example, are often displayed on tables with pictures to give tribute to those who have passed.  In a share by Brides.com on 75 Ways to Personalize your Wedding, authors suggested designing “a bouquet with the same types of flowers that your mom carried as a bride.” Please pause while I break out the tissues!!  This is such a sweet, indiscreet way to give a shout out to mom.  It doesn’t matter what ‘everyone else does’.  Do what touches your heart.  In that moment when you step away to soak it all in, you will be so glad you did.


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