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Outdoor Wedding and the Unexpected Rain

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You can plan your wedding menu, you can plan your DJ’s playlist and you can even plan the entire timeline of your Big Day. But if there’s one thing you can definitely not plan, that is weather. What you can do, though, is plan for sunny days just as you do for the rainy ones.

How to do this? How to deal with your outdoor wedding and the unexpected rain? We have some tips for you – so continue reading if you want to find out more.


  • Plan B should be an absolute must, regardless of where exactly you want to have your wedding. You may be planning your Big Day in a place that’s usually sunny that time of the year – but, in reality, you can never know. As long as your wedding happens on the outdoors, it will be prone to a wet disaster if you don’t put a plan B in order.
  • Your plan B can either mean moving completely inside (which some venues can help with), or by simply having a wedding tent in store, just in case it rains. Some brides prefer to put up the tent even if they are not sure it will rain, just to stay on the safe side. Whatever you do, don’t rush to move your wedding outside after rain (in many parts of the country, this means you will actually have to withstand the awful “steamy” atmosphere – and this can be really uncomfortable for some of your guests).
  • Last, but definitely not least, remember that having a plan B means you will have to plan a lot of wedding elements with both “indoor” and “outdoor” in mind. For example, you will have to think of décor, music and even photography that fits on both the indoors and the outdoors.

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