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Copper Is the Next Wedding Color Trend

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Blindly following into wedding trends is definitely not a good idea – but taking inspiration in some of the most popular trends can be extremely helpful when planning a beautiful wedding. For example, have you heard that copper is the next wedding color trend?

We have, and we love the idea so much we thought of sharing with you some of the most gorgeous ways to include copper in your Big Day. Read on and find out more!

  • Copper mugs for the mulled wine. Delicious especially during the winter months, mulled wine can be an amazing treat for your guests. Serve it in large copper mugs to add a dash of uniqueness to your entire wedding and everyone will love it.

  • Copper table numbers. Forget about boring cards used for table numbers and go all copper with your tables. These table numbers look really stylish and they can be successfully incorporated into just about any type of wedding table design.

  • Copper invitations. You may not be able to send out invitations made entirely from copper – but you can definitely use copper foil for some of the details on your wedding stationery. For instance, your names could be written with copper foil and you could also choose a small motif to be made in copper foil too.

  • Copper lanterns. If you want to make your wedding look romantic and vintage, copper lanterns are the way to do it. Beautiful and unique, they can act as lighting pieces for your wedding, but they can be also included in your centerpieces as well.

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