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Disney Inspired Beauty and the Beast Wedding

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There’s nothing more romantic than a wedding – and when it is brought together with some of the world’s most beautiful love stories, it can truly make for a magical, unforgettable event. For example, if you are in love with the amazing story between the Beauty and the Beast, you will surely love having a wedding centered on the same theme.

How to pull off a Disney inspired Beauty and the Beast wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • First and foremost, bring in lots of red roses. This bloom is a central element of the entire story – and the symbolism behind it is truly romantic as well. Plus, red roses are perfect flowers for classy weddings and they can be gorgeously incorporated in a wide range of ways. And if you want to create a décor that truly feels as if it was torn out of a fairytale, consider having a red rose in a glass dome too!
  • The dress and the hair. Belle’s a true natural beauty, so she doesn’t need a lot of makeup to make herself shine. And yet, with just a few touches and with a beautiful hairstyle, you will look drop-dead-gorgeous wearing a dress inspired by Belle’s famous one. What a gorgeous bride you will be!
  • The antiquated look. To make your wedding appear even more fairytale-like, consider bringing in antique elements – such as candle holders, watches or even mirrors inspired by the one in the story. This will add so much grace and elegance to your wedding day!

The Ashley Castle is the perfect location for a wedding inspired by fairytales and romanticism – so if you’re searching for a dream-like location in Arizona, be sure to contact us and schedule a tour of our magically beautiful grounds. You will not be disappointed!

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