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7 Distinctive Ways to Identify The Tables at Your Wedding Reception

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Your wedding tables should be just as unique as the rest of the wedding day itself. From the tableware to the linens and from the flowers to the menu itself, everything about your reception tables should reflect what you and your loved one are all about as a couple.

What are some of the most distinctive ways to identify the tables at your wedding reception? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.


  1. Names of places you like (or that are meaningful to you). The places where you first met and where he proposed, the places you want to visit…These are all wonderful ways of adding some of your own personality to the wedding décor!
  2. Numbers that mean something for your relationship. If old-school chronological numbering is not what you want for your Big Day, then use numbers that are truly meaningful for you – such as the number of years you’ve been together or the date at which you became a couple.
  3. In love with movies and TV Shows? Why not bring this into the wedding day by naming the tables after your favorite movies or after your favorite characters in the movies?
  4. Famous couples. Regardless of whether you’re thinking of Romeo and Juliet or a more contemporary couple, you definitely love the most famous’ couples’ love stories. Add their names to your wedding tables and the guests will really like the idea!
  5. Planning an outdoor, garden wedding? Herbs are such a wonderful way of guiding people to their assigned tables? Use small sprigs of herbs with the escort cards and match them with the herbs on the tables to make sure your guests know where to take a seat.
  6. If you want to add a personal and sentimental touch to your wedding, use your photos and the photos of the couples in your family (your parents, grandparents, etc.) to identify each table. Such a lovely and romantic idea!
  7. Wine bottles. If you’re planning a rustic-chic or winery-inspired wedding, wine bottles (empty or not) can make for amazing table markers. Unique and elegant at the same time!

The Ashley Castle is a romantic, elegant and unforgettable wedding venue. If you want your Big day to be absolutely stunning and if you want to say “I Do” in a setting that’s torn out of a fairytale, you should definitely visit us as soon as possible! Book us for your magical wedding and you’ll love every second of it!

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