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Elegant Wedding Trends for 2016

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Wedding trends come and go – but your memories of the Big Day will be forever alive in your heart and in your wedding album as well. Of course, following wedding trends just because they exist and because other people think they are popular is never a good idea (precisely because this day is for you and your love story).

And yet, knowing about these wedding trends can inspire you in creating an event that’s truly beautiful from all points of view. For example, what are some of the most unique and elegant trends to consider for your 2016 wedding? Read on and find out more.

  • Mono-colored bouquets and centerpieces. This year is in love with wild flowers and “freshly picked” looks, so the mono-colored bouquet trend is a great complement to this. The best thing about this idea? It’s timelessly elegant and it fits amazingly well into a wide range of wedding themes, color schemes and styles.

  • Metallic colors. We really love this trend because it has the power to add uniqueness, refinement and sophistication to any kind of wedding. A silver-covered cake, metallic lavender invitations or a suite of bridesmaids dressed in stunning gold can all make your Big Day appear more luxurious and sophisticated.

  • Enlightening the décor. This trend is amazingly beautiful and it can add so much even to a very simple wedding! With the help of good lighting and some light-refracting items (such as chandeliers or dripping crystals), your wedding can be instantly “glammed up”. Fabulous idea for a truly remarkable event!

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