“It’s all in the Details!” Wedding Decor and More

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Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life.

With the exorbitant amount of planning decisions that need to be made, many couples wait on the little things until the last minute and then get lost in the wedding decor details.  At the Ashley Castle, we help brides plan ahead, and budget smart.  You’d be surprised at all the amazing, inexpensive wedding decor you can find at stores just down the street.  We are here to help you understand exactly what you’re looking for and where to go.

A good wedding has “design flow”.

From the moment your guests arrive, till the last dance; the colors, lights, the wedding decor and mood should all pair together.  Visual consistency creates a night for guests that is special, unique and unforgettable.

The first thing your guests will likely see is the guest table.  What will you use for a card box?  Will you have a program or a well wish station?  And what can you do to be creative and consistent (even if you’re not the DIY woman of the year)??

Design flow starts with a theme.

I always tell brides to trust their subconscious.  When browsing for ideas, don’t look based on a theme, let your “pinning” do the talking.  After saving dozens of pictures you will notice reoccurring colors, fabrics, wedding decor styles and tones.  Voila, your theme has made it’s debut!!

Sure, we’re a little biased living out our days in a beautiful castle, but there is no limit to the style – and amount of decor – that can be used to make this the palace for YOU.

Look at this adorable antique suitcase one gall made into a card box for her “travelers” themed wedding.  With sweet black and white pictures of the newlyweds hanging from strings dangled side to side, this card box creation screams individuality and personality.

Some venues have a distinct path to follow from the entry way to the ceremony space, the cocktail hour to the banquet hall.  No matter how ‘lit the path’, signage is a fun, practical type of wedding decor to direct your traffic, regardless of the layout.

Are you looking for chic and timeless?  Do you want to make your guests laugh?  Materials are easy to find and easy to use as well.  We are big fans of chalkboards, wood, and foam core just to name a few.

Show your guests where to go and what to do, so you can sit back and enjoy the party!

Favors come in all looks and sizes.

Some wedding decor favors are fancy, some are rare, and others are grouped at the entryway rather than placed at each table setting.  Your take away should represent who you are as a couple.  I have seen everything under the sun.  From puzzles and customized card decks, to mini bottles of wine, mints, corks, and kisses; being unique will never go out of style.

Have you gone green, or always been?  Leave your guests a bag of seeds to plant or a mini cactus to put in their Garden.

Programs are another popular piece of wedding decor.  Show off your traditional or modern style with bookmarks and scrolls …or cool guests off in the heat with fans and sunglasses.

Once the ceremony is over, the guests will leisurely make their way to cocktail hour, and eventually to their sets.  Menus, and other items like table numbers and printed seating charts are easy to make and print at home.  With a fancy frame, a simple typed out message becomes a beautiful addition to your visuals!

Buy wedding decor that you will use again.

We cannot stress this enough.  Frames are a great place to spend smart.  Check out the 6-picture frame with the message, “And they Lived Happily Ever After.  The End”.  We swoon <3

One more staple for your wedding decor list is the well wish station.  A place for loved ones to give their “advice”, it serves as a more thoughtful collectible after the blur of your big day.  Our top ten picks include wooden heart frames, “message in a bottle” jars, and trees made with each guests’ fingerprint.

Your journey is long, but it’s worth the wait,

Book now, it’s time to save the date!!


The Ashley Castle Team


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