8 Wedding Games to Make Your Reception # TheAshleyCastle

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Your wedding should be one of the most amazing events your guests will ever attend. Of course, serving delicious foods, having a stunning décor and a beautiful cake are all very important parts of a wedding. But how do you plan on entertaining your guests – aside from music? We have gathered some truly fun wedding games you could consider – so read on to find out more and inspire yourself.


  1. Print out your favorite photos of you as a couple and make them puzzles! This could be a unique and personal wedding favor, so it’s definitely worth considering the idea!
  2. Piñata. You’re never too old to have a sweet tooth – and a wedding Piñata provides people with the perfect blend between “sweetness” and “entertainment”.
  3. Word search. Want to provide your guests with a more “intellectual” kind of game? Create a wedding-inspired word search game and leave one copy for each guest. They will have fun with it in between the dancing sessions.
  4. Fun, childish and creative, Legos are the perfect toys for all ages. To make yours more “wedding-inspired”, order bulk blocks of the same colors as your décor, so that they match your wedding theme.
  5. Card games. Provide each table with a beautifully-designed card pack and encourage them to play fun games. They will surely love the idea!
  6. Board games. Are you more of a board game-kind-of-couple? Bring in your favorite ones and play with the guests! This will make for some really fun memories!
  7. Want to replace the traditional Guest Book with something unique? Offer a chalkboard and some chalk and invite guests to write their thoughts there. To make sure your wedding “chalk art” resists, don’t forget to ask the photographer to shoot clear photos of the chalkboard!
  8. Dance lessons. If you want to do something fun and educational, hire some dance teachers to show people some new dance moves. Even if they don’t become professional dancers by the end of the night, your guests will still enjoy this activity.


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